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8 ? ? ? ? WASTE MANAGEMENT Why does recycling matter? Waste is a big problem. Too much waste is still being sent to landfill sites or being incinerated, when the best solution to reduce our environmental impact is to recycle and compost as much of our waste as possible. The EU has set strict objectives : By 2020 : ■ ■ Landfill will be banned for at least paper, glass, textiles, plastic and metal. ■ ■ Separate waste collection systems for these categories must be set up. Rubbermaid has the ideal solutions to help you set up a Recycling Programme. Practical guide to set up your recycling programme: ■ ■ Identification of contractors who pick up recycling waste. ■ ■ What waste streams do you want to recycle? Possible examples: - paper - cardboard - general waste - plastic bottles - cans - milk and juice (Tetra Pak) cartons ■ ■ Measure the volume of each individual waste type. ■ ■ Negotiate with your contractors who pick up recycling waste. ■ ■ Define if recycling will be a profit centre. ■ ■ Track volume trends. ■ ■ Track material trends. ■ ■ Measure these results against main objectives. ■ ■ Choose appropriate recycling products. ■ ■ Identify key areas for recycling points and put up adequate signage. ■ ■ Contract with recycling contractors and define frequency. Success of recycling on site is based on: ■ ■ Clearly communicating about your recycling programme. ■ ■ Putting intuitive stickers and posters up at recycling points. ■ ■ Creating awareness across the site, with awareness posters for encouragement. ■ ■ Training cleaners to ensure they are fully engaged in the recycling programme. 2.Set Objectives 1.Analyse Needs 4.Training 3. Choose Products and Implement Recycling Cafeteria Desk Waste Collection Central Station Waste General Waste Paper Solutions to achieve recycling. Bottles

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