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44 How can Rubbermaid help you achieve even better standards in cleaning? Cleaning for health is a vital task carrying great responsibility. The standard of cleaning will be scrutinised by healthcare managers and the need to perform to the highest level is ever-present. As a result, you need the best cleaning products available, products you can rely on to get the job done without any hassle. Did you know? Time is money. Rubbermaid's range of advanced cleaning tools allows you to clean faster than ever before. Our internal testing has shown Rubbermaid's Pulse Mop to be 50% faster than traditional mop and bucket. The Pulse allows the user to direct a jet of water (or chemical) on to the target area, maximising efficiency and reducing the need to regularly move the mop to a bucket. Rubbermaid will help you… ■ ■ Enable daytime cleaning services to reduce costs and improve cleaners' wellbeing. ■ ■ Provide healthy environments with the use of superior microfibre textiles. ■ ■ Offer ergonomic products to help your employees avoid injuries, strains and illnesses. ■ ■ Easier spot cleaning to help you keep your location in peak condition. Rubbermaid's complete cleaning systems help you equip your team for every cleaning situation, from general to high-risk areas: ■ ■ Damp mopping: choose between traditional and microfibre mops. ■ ■ Dusting: a complete range of microfibre mops and high level solutions. ■ ■ Surface cleaning: the different textiles will clean glass and chrome better and easier. ■ ■ Mop buckets: single and double buckets with highly efficient wringing systems. ■ ■ Disinfecting bucket for healthier environments. ■ ■ Large range of cleaning carts to improve productivity. In addition to specialist cleaning equipment, Rubbermaid supplies a full range of cleaning solutions for hospitality environments, such as Housekeeping carts suited to every situation.

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