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150 FG9F7500CLR FG9F7600CLR FG321700CLR FG321800CLR FG9F7500CLR PROFESSIONAL DIGITAL SCALES Measuring Cups Manage costly ingredients. ■ ■ Clear, break-resistant Polycarbonate material. ■ ■ Temperature range: -40°C to +100°C. ■ ■ Withstand freezing cold and boiling water. ■ ■ Dishwasher safe. ■ ■ Durable hot-stamped measurement markings in blue for metric litres, red for US qt. Scoops Multi-purpose scoops designed for better weight distribution, improved handling. ■ ■ Made of durable Polycarbonate material or white polyethylene. ■ ■ Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning. ■ ■ Dishwasher safe. ■ ■ Durable contour scoops made of Polycarbonate material, fit new ingredient bins. Bouncer TM Contour Scoop (FG9F7500CLR & FG9F7600CLR) is designed for the Ingredient Bin System (page 132) the contoured design keeps hands away from food, reducing cross-contamination. Ref Colour Code Description Material Capacity Colour Pack FG9F7500 CLR Contour Scoop Polycarbonate 0.9 l 6 FG9F7600 CLR Contour Scoop Polycarbonate 1.9 l 6 Ref Colour Code Description Material Dimensions Capacity Colour Pack FG321700 CLR Measuring Cup Polycarbonate Ø 15 x 19 cm 2 l 6 FG321800 CLR Measuring Cup Polycarbonate Ø 18.2 x 25 cm 4 l 6

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