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122 R0140051 R0460026 Water Management AutoFlush System Automated water management system for urinals operating with a header tank. ■ ■ Regulated water flow ensures maximum efficiency of AutoCleaner with BioPurinel refills. ■ ■ Saves money by reducing water consumption. ■ ■ Keeps urinals regularly flushed and clean. ■ ■ Reduces the risk of blockages by regular controlled flushing. ■ ■ Reliable trouble-free operation. ■ ■ Communicates with AutoCleaner. Ref Description Dimensions Colour Pack R0140051 Water Management AutoFlush White 15.2 x 11.3 x 11.3 cm 1 The system requires 4 x AA Cell Alkaline batteries - last 1 to 2 years (sold separately). Purinel Bio - Hard Surface Cleaner ■ ■ Combines biodegradeable surfactants, friendly bacteria and fresh fragrance - removes the Biofilm, source of organic waste build-up and odours hidden deep in floor and wall grout lines. ■ ■ Combines cleaning with odour removal and helps to control the growth of microorganisms - cuts down on cleaning time and material costs. ■ ■ Guaranteed high bacterial counts – 70 million CFUs per concentrated ml - keeps working after being applied. - Mop water disposed of after cleaning through the drain continues the bioactive cleaning. ■ ■ Breaks down uric salts and scale naturally - enzyme technology breaks down the bacteria in the accumulating uric scale, without the use of harsh or corrosive chemicals. ■ ■ Suitable for use on all walls , floors and hard surfaces in a multitude of public and commercial washroom settings: - Leisure & Health Clubs - Airports, trains & train stations - Locker rooms - Retail - Food Service Ref Description Type Capacity Colour Pack R0460026 Bio Floor Cleaner Jug 5 l 2 How to use ■ ■ Dilution rate: 1 part concentrate to 10 parts water for first three days. I part concentrate to 40 parts water each subsequent application. ■ ■ Shelf life: 2 years. ■ ■ Tiled walls, floors, hard surfaces, fixtures & fittings. Use with Rubbermaid PULSE™ Microfibre Floor Cleaning System (see page 48) to maintain toilet floors in prevention of uric scale staining. LIFETIME WARRANTY SURFACE CARE: Automatic Fixtures & Cleaners

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