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94 CLEANING Wet Mop Selection Guide YARN TYPE Mop yarn type is the most impactful driver of mop launderability, absorbency, durability, and release. Understanding mop yarn type helps drive proper mop selection for varying applications. MICROFIBER TUBE Most durable, stands up to abrasive cleaning and heavy-duty scrubbing with excellent absorbency. MICROFIBER Highly durable, non-abrasive general-purpose mop. BLEND SHRINKLESS ® General-purpose mopping. Pre-laundered for reduced shrinking. Longer-lasting and less linting compared to cotton. Highly absorbent/no break-in required. BLEND General-purpose mopping. Longer-lasting and less linting compared to cotton. Highly absorbent/no break-in required. COTTON General-purpose mopping. Least expensive yarn option. Reliable liquid absorption. Requires break-in, dries slowly, may lint. NON-WOVEN General-purpose mopping. Least expensive wet mop option. Highly absorbent. Requires no break-in and delivers reduced linting versus cotton. Not launderable. FINISH Designed to provide smooth and even release of chemical and floor finish. Less linting compared to rayon. RAYON General-purpose mopping. Reliable liquid absorption. Highest quality of yarn. Resists mildew growth, extending mop life and white appearance. SYNTHETIC BLEND All-synthetic mop yarns resist abrasive floor surfaces. MOP CONSTRUCTION DEFINED CLEAN ROOM Made of woven rayon/polyester fabric that will not fray or lint. For use in Class 10,000 and higher industrial applications. ROUGH-FLOOR Knitted fleece cotton/polyester blend yarn for highly abrasive surfaces. High absorbency. NYLON Non-linting, continuous filament yarn for finishing applications. High launderability. DECOR ATIVE REFUSE UTILIT Y REFUSE AND REC YCLING MATERIAL HANDLING WASHROOM FOODSERVICE ACCESSORIES & INDEX CLEANING

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