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When ordering products with BOLD color codes, please specify color code after the product number. Refer to the Standard Color Guide at the back of the catalog. 196 WASHROOM AVAILABLE FRAGRANCES AIR CARE Rubbermaid Air Care Systems ensure that the first things you and your customers notice when you enter your washroom is a clean, fresh, and pleasant fragrance. By combining innovative and reliable dispensing technologies with our high quality fragrances, our automated air care systems are highly cost-efficient and long-lasting, delivering consistent and continuous freshness, and offering the perfect solution to suit your specific washroom needs. HERBAL HERBAL CITRUS CITRUS FRUITY FRUITY GOURMAND GOURMAND FOUGÈRE FOUGÈRE FLORAL FLORAL Characterized by radiant notes such as rose, jasmine, violet; green notes which are reminiscent of freshly cut grass, leaves, and stems. FLORAL: Cotton Berry Country Delight™ Cucumber Melon Sea Mist Summer Sorbet Wakening Spring FRUITY: Cucumber Melon Gentle Breeze Mango Mango Blossom Mountain Peaks Mountain Spa™ Orchard Fields Tropical Sunrise CITRUS: Citrus Green Tea Lemon Mandarin Orange Refreshing Citrus HERBAL: Crystal Breeze Ocean Breeze Polar Mist FOUGÈRE: Alpine Spring Blue Splash Linen Fresh™ GOURMAND: Apple Cinnamon Cinnamon Spice Sugar Cookie Vanilla Vanilla Crème Vanilla Royale Characterized by luscious fruity notes such as apple, pear, plum, mango, peach, and melon. Characterized by invigorating & uplifting notes such as lemon, mandarin, and other citrus oils. Characterized by powerful, aromatic herbal notes such as rosemary, mint, coriander, lavender, and sage. Characterized by masculine notes such as lavender, moss, and woods. Characterized by mouthwatering, edible notes and sweet, comforting vanilla. DECOR ATIVE REFUSE UTILIT Y REFUSE AND REC YCLING MATERIAL HANDLING WASHROOM FOODSERVICE ACCESSORIES & INDEX CLEANING

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