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176 MATERIAL HANDLING When ordering products with BOLD color codes, please specify color code after the product number. Refer to the Standard Color Guide at the back of the catalog. Caster Selection Guide CASTER PERFORMANCE GUIDE CASTER TREAD MATERIAL MOLD-ON RUBBER (TPR) POLYOLEFIN PNEUMATIC ASPHALT Excellent Fair Excellent BRICK Excellent Fair Excellent CARPET Excellent Good Excellent CONCRETE Excellent Good Excellent LINOLEUM / COMPOSITION TILE Excellent Fair Excellent STEEL – RIBBED Good Fair Excellent STEEL – SMOOTH Good Good Excellent TERRAZZO Excellent Fair Excellent WOOD Excellent Good Excellent MILD CHEMICALS Fair Good Good HARSH CHEMICALS Fair Fair Good METAL SCRAPS – SMALL Excellent Good Good METAL SCRAPS – LARGE Excellent Fair Good ANIMAL FATS Good Good Good OIL AND GREASE Fair Good Fair WATER AND STEAM Good Excellent Good FLOOR PROTECTION Excellent Good Excellent QUIET OPERATION Excellent Fair Excellent CUSHION LOAD Excellent N/A Excellent IMPACT RESISTANCE Excellent Good Excellent ROLLING EASE Fair Excellent Fair ABRASION RESISTANCE (NONCHIPPING) Fair Good Fair NON-FLAT-SPOTTING (UNDER STATIC LOAD) Fair Excellent N/A OTHER FACTORS OPERATING CONDITIONS FLOOR SURFACE CASTERS TO MEET YOUR NEEDS Rubbermaid's best-in-class heavy-duty casters have been specially chosen for each of our products to meet your most demanding environments. Pneumatic casters provide a cushioned and quiet ride for fragile loads, making them ideal for rough and uneven surfaces, inside and out. PNEUMATIC Hard-tread polyolefin casters roll easier than soft tread casters. Nonmarking, impact- and chemical-resistant casters won't flat-spot under static loads or pick up metal shavings, nails, and other debris. POLYOLEFIN TPR casters absorb shock, provide floor surface protection, and quiet operation. Chemical- and water-resistant. THERMOPLASTIC RUBBER DECOR ATIVE REFUSE UTILIT Y REFUSE AND REC YCLING MATERIAL HANDLING WASHROOM FOODSERVICE ACCESSORIES & INDEX CLEANING

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