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When ordering products with BOLD color codes, please specify color code after the product number. Refer to the Standard Color Guide at the back of the catalog. 120 CLEANING MEDIUM BRISTLES (MULTI-SURFACE) HEAVY DUTY BRISTLES (ROUGH SURFACE) POLYETHYLENE (PET) Soft, durable material used to sweep fine debris on smooth surfaces. TAMPICO Soft, durable fiber with high resistance to heat and chemicals, used to sweep fine debris on wet or dry smooth surfaces. HORSEHAIR Premium ultra-smooth natural fiber used to sweep fine debris on smooth surfaces. PALMYRA Rugged, natural fiber for medium to heavy debris on rough surfaces. MEDIUM POLYPROPYLENE Medium-weight, durable fiber made to sweep debris on medium to rough surfaces. HEAVY DUTY POLYPROPYLENE Premium heavy duty fiber made to sweep heavy debris and resistant to harsh environments and surfaces. MULTI-SURFACE Medium-weight stiff inner polypropylene fibers and soft outer polyethylene fibers designed to sweep debris on indoor or outdoor surfaces. BROOM CONSTRUCTION Using a state of the art production process in Lumberton, NC, RCP push brooms feature advanced injection molding, computer-optimized bristle stapling and full-scale push broom assembly to ensure consistent, durable, high quality brooms that stand up to the most demanding commercial jobs. FINE BRISTLES (SMOOTH SURFACE) Brooms DECOR ATIVE REFUSE UTILIT Y REFUSE AND REC YCLING MATERIAL HANDLING WASHROOM FOODSERVICE ACCESSORIES & INDEX CLEANING

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